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Mythic Paint is an exciting new product being introduced to the Middle East by Balmoral Services Trading Division in conjunction with M-Ports Ltd of the UK. Mythic is a non toxic, low odour environmentally friendly paint which contains NO volatile organic compounds (“VOCs” are what make traditional paints unsafe, particularly for expectant mothers and their unborn children) and leaves virtually no odour, allowing interior painting to proceed while a building is occupied.  Mythic paints meet and exceed the most stringent environmental and performance standards.  

Mythic is highly durable and its one coat application is sufficient to achieve a high quality finish if used in conjunction with the Mythic primer making it a more cost efficient method of painting. It has a range of 1,232 colours and, in addition, we can mix any colour specifically to meet our clients’ needs. Performance wise, Mythic is highly stain resistant and easily cleaned due to its latex base making it up to 8 times more durable than competing paints. Mythic is both animal and child safe making it an ideal product to use around children and pets in the home as well as for larger projects such as in hotels. 

For mothers and expectant parents, Mythic offers the Mothers Touch range which is specifically designed for nurseries and infants, including seven popular nursery colours from the traditional soft blue and pink to neutral yellow and off-white, making it suitable for all tastesThere is no other product in the world market which compares to the quality and durability of this product making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications.

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